Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers

An Ultrasonic Mouse repeller creates an environment that mice want to quickly get away from. It does this in two ways by simply making them feel so uncomfortable they want to leave your house.


The first way is by using fluctuating ultrasonic waves. Once plugged into the plug socket, the Mouse repeller emits ultrasonic waves into the room and causes auditory stress to mice and other vermin. This helps keep your home free from mice


The second deterrent mode is that when you plug the Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller into your mains socket it becomes part of the wiring loop throughout your home. It uses the wiring to broadcast an intermittent electro-magnetic signal that again attacks the nervous system of the pest in your walls causing them to leave. This signal also can be felt by the Pest outwards from the wiring up to 6 feet. So this acts as a deterrent to pests coming into your home from the outside as they can feel these signals coming from your outside walls.

Most ultrasonic mouse repellers are mains powered but we also have a couple of battery powered ultrasonic models for the those places where you might not have a 240v socket, such as a loft, garage, shed, caravan or even a car (yes, mice do get into cars and eat through the wiring!).


 link to blog post on mouse habit information
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