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The best selling STV Ultrasonic cat repeller / deterrent is designed to stop cats from fouling in your garden. When the unit cat repeller detects movement, it emits an high pitch ultrasonic sound that cats don't like and so they move away - very quickly. The ultrasonic cat repeller / deterrent doesn't harm cats at all, it simply produces a noise a cat wants to get away from. Humans can't hear it and it doesn't affect birds.  

This STV ultrasonic cat deterrent has a 30ft range. Without the optional mains power adaptor the PIR sensor extends the battery life, only actuating the it detects movement. The cat deterrent has a test facility to ensure it is working correctly. 10 Mtr range over 98 degree arc, giving a total of 120sq mtr coverage.

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Customer Reviews:

'The ultrasonic cat deterrent / repeller was easy to install and operate. The first cat took one look, ducked, then fled! My kind of pest control!' - Michael, Birmingham.

'Fantastic! I brought a ultrasonic cat deterrent was well worth the money. My garden was a place where cats pooped a lot and now its smells a lot fresher and I hardly see a cat! Brilliant Product and Thank you!' -  Natalie, Dudley.

  • Keep cats out of your garden
  • 30 ft range
  • Does not affect birds
  • All Year round protection
  • Humane - does not harm cats
  • Battery power - 2 x pp3 9v (not included)
  • Optional Mains adaptor. 
  • PIR sensor prevents excessive battery use
  • Test button
  • 120sq mtr coverage
  • Unit size: Size: 19cm (8") H x 11cm (4") W
  • LED Indicator / battery check light
  • IP44 rated Weatherproof / Waterproof

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