Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller(150 ft range)
Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller(150 ft range)
Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller(150 ft range)
Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller(150 ft range)
Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller(150 ft range)

Ultrasonic Cat Repeller (150 ft)

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Product information

The Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller / deterrent is extremely powerful with an adjustable frequency for fine tuning to suit the hearing of your target cat. It's extremely effective with a huge 150ft range. The ultrasonic repeller produces a pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sound, similar to a siren but silent to humans, which a cat perceives as extremely unpleasant and therefore avoids the area being protected by the Sentinel cat deterrent.

The ultrasonic cat repeller is supplied with a mains adaptor & approximately 10mtr of cable complete with a wall mounting bracket that can be swivelled & tilted to suit directional requirements. It is 100% waterproof for all year round outside use. 

Unlike the lower priced battery operated models, this powerful ultrasonic cat repeller requires a 240v mains power supply. And because it is mains powered, the Sentinel is always working, giving protection 24/7.

image of the top of the Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller              image of the base of the Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller

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The Sentinel Cat repeller is made in the UK using German components.

The main reason why the Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller stands head and shoulders above other models is because the frequency is adjustable. The user can very easily adjust the sound to get the optimum effect for the target creature you are trying to repel.

And because the frequency of the ultrasonic unit is adjustable, it can also be made to repel rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, birds etc, Please note that the Sentinel deterrent can only be set to repel one animal type at a time. In other words, it can't repel cats and birds at the same time because animals have different hearing ranges.

Sentinel ultrasonic cat repeller installation guide - blog post

All units are supplied with fixing screws for attaching to a wall or fence. It can be run from a 12v heavy duty battery or by a mains adaptor (supplied).


  • Always on - works 24/7
  • Range:     50mtr (150ft) approx
  • Waterproof
  • Power:     240v (12v mains adaptor included)
  • Size:         200mm x 160 x 85 (8" x 6" x 3.5")
  • Adjustable frequency: approx. 8...40 kHz (± 15 %)
  • Made in the UK
  • includes wall mounting bracket & screws

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