Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

Electronic bird and Pigeon repellers come in two types: audible (sonic) that can be heard by humans as well as birds or ultrasonic bird repellers which are silent to the human ear. As with many things, there are pluses & minuses to consider when deciding which type of electronic bird deterrent to purchase.
A customer video showing an 80% success rate with the Sentinel repeller

An ultrasonic (silent) bird and Pigeon repeller works up to around a 150ft range. These can be ideal for clearing a specific areas where an audible bird repeller cannot be used. A typical example might be clearing Pigeons from a balcony, patio, paved outdoor cafe area or inside a building. The larger models such as the Sentinel will clear larger areas such as sheds or warehouses. The ultrasonic sound produced is beyond that of Human hearing, so we can't hear it but animals can. For more information on animal hearing ranges, click here. 

Additionally, some of the bird electronic repellers have a bright strobe light, which, depending on the model, flashes and gives an extra deterrent effect. The strobe light causes the target bird to become uncomfortable and helps to clear the area. On the ultrasonic units, the strobe light can be set to turn off at night.
30 day money back offer

The Sentinel models have a 30 money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, send it back for a full refund.

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