Sonic Mole Repeller (Solar)

Product code: STV757
£24.99 (ex. VAT)

Product information

The Sonic Mole Repeller is a highly cost effective defence against unwanted moles. This unit drives them out harmlessly to protect you lawn, garden, seed beds and plants.

NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: The Sonic Mole Repeller has a built in solar powered recharge, saving money on batteries.

The unit works continuously night, morning and evening, including poor light conditions. This combined with it's weather-proof casing and its one touch test button make this ideal for any location in any climate. Get your garden free from moles now with total mole control.

Notes: It can take upto 2 weeks before you will see results. The sonic repellers are not an instant fix for mole problems, more of a longer term solution.

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Brand STV
Condition New
Product Code STV757