PestWest Electric Fly Killers

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PestWest high-quality UV (ultra violet) Electric fly killers are the insect control products of choice for many of the World’s best 5-star resorts, hotels, restaurants, franchised food outlets, hospitals, kitchens, supermarkets, food and pharmaceutical plants.
The PestWest range of electric fly killers was first developed in the early 1980s. It's innovative designs and features, now copied by many other manufacturers, soon became a favourite product amongst professional pest controllers worldwide. Throughout Europe, PestWest Electric fly killers are seen as high-quality unit at a competitive price. The basis for the company’s success is its depth of scientific knowledge and it's commitment to listening to customers’ needs.
flies on food in a kitchen without an electric fly killer

There are two basic types of product: sticky board fly traps or electric fly killers (EFK)

Electric Fly Killers use powerful PestWest Quantum tubes to attract flying insects onto a high voltage killing grid to eradicate them instantly. The dead insects fall into a catch-tray. Sticky board fly traps use a UV light to attract flies which get stuck on a glue covered board. 
The PestWest Chameleon is a range of sticky trap units ranging in performance and price levels to suit all sizes of business. Best suited for areas where the kill needs to be contained within the unit for hygiene reasons. The stick boards are easily replaced. The Chameleon range also has IP rated (waterproof) fly killers for damp or corrosive environments e.g. dairies, abattoirs. For dry dusty commercial areas, there is a blast proof model available.
The PestWest Titan. This electric grid fly killer has features and performance levels far beyond it's low price. With a wrap-around chrome guard giving 360º protection, the fly killer is ideal for shops, cafés and all commercial uses where flies can be caught in a tray. It can be adapted to operate as a cluster fly unit by removing the tray. It has a range of up to 180sq mtr.
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