Organic Insect Powder

"DiatomPest" Diatomaceous Earth powder is organic and effective in killing most crawling (and some flying) insects within 36 - 72 hours. The list of target insects includes: Earwigs - Mites - Fleas - Flies - Ticks - Bed Bugs - Beetles - Silverfish - Ants - Snails - Slugs - Cockroaches and many more. DiatomPest is 100% safe to use in the house around people, babies, pets and animals. It's a fast acting and 100% natural organic product that does not contain any harmful chemicals at all. Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by plants called Diatoms.

The diatom remains that make up the powder form of Diatomaceous Earth have razor sharp edges. These edges, when bought into contact with an insect, pierce‚Äôs the outer shell which allows room for the Diatomaceous Earth to seep inside the insects body. Once the powder gets inside an insects body it starts to absorb the liquids from the body, killing the insect in the process. DE powder can also be mixed with water and used as a wet powder spray. Ingested by insects, it kills them by shredding their insides.

Child & Pet safe

DiatomPest powder is 100% safe and because the particles are so small, they cause no harm to people and pets. Just like any other dust it is not advisable to inhale it or get it in your eyes so we recommend using a dust mask from our accessories page. It is a simple natural mineral called Silica.

How to use:

Apply an even dusting of the DiatomPest around your home paying particular attention to the most affected areas. Leave DiatomPest to work for at least 24 hours (72 hours for best results). DiatomPest is very easy to clear up, just vacuum the treated area and use a damp cloth to wipe down any residue. Although there should not be any probelm with staining carpets, clothing or funiture, however, if you are worried, test the product on a small area before applying it to the rest of your home. If you use DiatomPest to kill bed bugs, apply it directly to the mattress (bedding is optional). For best results it is a good idea to treat the entire area of your bedroom.

Diatomaceous Earth pest control powder

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