Mouse | Rat | Fox Repellers

When faced with the unwelcome sight of a Mouse or Rat, you have three options how to deal with it. Either passively with humane traps, aggressively with poisons and / or killer traps, or electronically with an ultrasonic Mouse and Rat repeller to drive them away. 
The definition of a Rodent is 'a mouse, rat, squirrel, or beaver, characterised by large incisors adapted for gnawing or nibbling'. Its pretty safe to assume we don't have many Beaver issues here in the UK, but Mice, Rats and Squirrels do create big problems wherever they decide to set up home.
More information on mice:  
 mouse habit information

If the Mouse or Rat problem is new and not yet well established, humane mouse traps or ultrasonic repellers can easily and fairly quickly, get on top of the situation. However, if the vermin are well established, you might want to consider a more aggressive approach and use killer traps and poison. One important point to keep in mind is that if a rat eats poison, then crawls under your floorboards and dies, it might well start to stink pretty badly as it decomposes (not to mention the flies in Summer!). Also with poison, you have to consider if your your pets or children can get to it? Or is your cat or dog likely to eat the poisoned dead rat that it finds at the bottom of your garden?

Our range of ultrasonic Mouse and Rat repellers do the job very well, humanly and results can be seen within a week or so.