Designer Fly Killers

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A range of stylish UV fly killers from Pest West suitable for front of house locations where dead flies need to be out of sight from customers. Discreet, stylish and environmentally responsible, this range is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail shops. Front of house requirements are usually for aesthetically pleasing designs that blend with the d├ęcor and are silent in operation. For these installations sticky board traps designed as wall sconces or up lighters are an ideal choice.

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The Sunburst range of sticky board fly killers are designed for front-of-house areas where fly control needs to be hidden from view. The elegant and decorative design conceals the glue board and the insects caught. Discreet, stylish and environmentally responsible, the Sunburst is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, and retail shops. It is fitted with a powerful 20 watt compact tube and can be used wall mounted or freestanding and is is ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.


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