Chameleon Sticky Trap Fly Killer

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The PestWest Chameleon range of electric fly killers with sticky traps are designed with the professional end user in mind. The units combine compact and powerful designs with tool-free maintenance and a choice of either wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended or freestanding options. The stylish fly killers are ideal for business premises, shops and food preparation areas. With additional design features they provide you with protection far above what their size and price would indicate. Most models are available in either white or Stainless Steel finish.

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Within the Chameleon range are slimline "Discretion" models that have an attractive front cover that conceals the sticky board and fly catch, which makes them ideal for front of house areas in view of the public and paying customers. The Uplighters add a stylish designer finishing touch to any restaurant or cafe.

For wet or damp environments such as slaughter houses, dairies, abattoirs and industrial kitchens there is the waterproof IP rated Chameleon 2x1 IP.

If your working environment is large, dry or full of dust and there is a risk of explosion, the Chameleon 4x4 EX is IP65 rated and approved for zone 22 usage.

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