Cat Deterrent Spikes

cat sitting on a fence

The cat deterrent / repeller spikes or "Prikka Strip" as they are sometimes known, will keep out intruders and unwanted animals such as cats from entering your garden or premises. They are designed to cause maximum discomfort but are unlikely to cause injury. The sharp, cone-shaped spikes fence strips will deter and stop nuisance cats, dogs, Squirrel, birds or human intruders. Prikka Strip Cat, Bird & Squirrel repeller fence spikes fix easily to the top of a fence or wall to keep Squirrels, Birds and unwanted Cats out of your garden. Manufactured in the UK from UV-stabilised polypropylene, the fence spikes are weather resistant and extremely durable.

union jack flag depiction made in the UK


Each pack of fence deterrent strip contains 10 x strips of pointed plastic cones. The strips make it difficult for cats, dogs or humans to enter your property. They are scored along it's length which makes it pliable and easy to fit onto tops of awkward shaped fence tops, posts and windowsills.

close up image of green fence spikes

Colours: green, clear (transparent), black or brown.

Fixing: Quick and simple. Each strip has several fastening holes. It is recommended that mechanical fixings (screws not nails) are used wherever possible, however if gluing is required, please use a Polymer based adhesive and surface primer that you can buy from most good DIY stores. "Pink Grip" is ideal.

1 pack will cover 2 x 6 ft standard UK garden fence panels.

Each pack contains 10 x 450mm (17.5 inch) strips, making a total of 4.5 Mtr (14.5 ft) in length.

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