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We offer a range of ultrasonic Cat & Dog repellers and deterrents to keep them out of your garden, The Ultrasonic Cat & Dog repeller / deterrent generates sounds at the appropriate hearing frequency for the specific animal you want to deter. The ultrasonic sound produced is beyond that of Human hearing, so we can't hear it but animals can. For more information on animal hearing ranges, click here. 

We also sell cat repellent powders that you mix with water and sprinkle onto the parts of your garden that cats are attracted to. Or as an alternative, you might try the Prikka Strip anti-Cat spikes. These are harmless to a cat, but simply make it awkward for a cat to jump over a fence into your garden. 

To their owners, cats and dogs are wonderful companions. However, for non pet owners these animals are often far from wonderful and can become the most hated sight in a garden as they dig up flower and vegetable beds to use as a toilet.

Many of us like to feed birds in our gardens, but this often attracts the unwanted attention of a cat who will see your bird table or bird feeder as a fast food take-away. A cats motivation to catch birds can be far greater than the deterrent effect of any ultrasonic repeller. To help break the cycle of a cat repeatedly entering your garden, it is best to stop feeding the birds for a couple of weeks when you first install the repeller. By doing this, it will greatly increase the chances of the ultrasonic repeller having a lasting effect on the cat. Once the cat thinks that there are no more birds in your garden, the ultrasonic noise will then chase the cat away. 

diagram showing the range difference of small and large ultrasonic cat repellers
More information on keeping cats out of your garden:
link to blog entry on ultrasonic cat repellers

cat sitting in a garden                           dog having a pee in a garden

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