Bird Spikes - Steel

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Keep birds / pigeons off your ledges, walls and sills with these bird / pigeon repeller spikes that simply stop birds landing. Humane and harmless.

Fixed to Window sills, ledges, guttering and walls etc. These steel bird spikes discourage and can prevent birds & Pigeons from landing. Supplied in 50cm long strips, the Bird Spikes are easy to fit and highly effective.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy to fix with screws or silicone type adhesive (bought any any DIY store)
  • Tough steel spikes on a strong but flexible plastic base
  • 10 x strips (5 mtr total)
  • Easy to install perament solution to nuisance bird problems
  • Protects against pigeon, segull, starling and crows
  • For window ledges, guttering, roof cavities
  • Twin spike arrangement prevent birds from landing
  • No traps or harmful poisons

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Brand Pest Stop
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Product Code PSPBS10
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