Bird Free Optical Fire Gel - Pigeon & Bird repellent

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Birds see the gel as fire and keep away. It's a simple yet very effective repellent in the battle against birds & Pigeons. The revolutionary bird & pigeon control system is quick, easy to use. It works simply by using the ultraviolet part of the visual spectrum of birds, who see the gel as fire, so they keep away. The results can be seen instantly.

Optical Fire Gel bird repellent keeps all birds, especially pigeons, off structures and ledges without harming them, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the structure.

The bird repellent gel is placed in small plastic dishes (15 included with each 250ml tube of gel) and secured to ledges with a silicone type sealant (not included) that you can buy from any DIY store. There is no drilling or screws needed.


Depending on the severity of the bird / Pigeon problem, the dishes need to be placed between 150 - 200mm apart. This means that at a dish spacing of 200mm, each tube has enough gel repellent to cover 3mtr linear metres.