Bird & Pigeon Repellers

If you are looking for a bird repellent or deterrent for scaring birds away from your garden, we have solutions to deter birds including Ultrasonic Bird & Pigeon repellers, electronic scarers, bird spikes and Falcon or Owl decoys that act as an effective, low cost deterrent. Although most of us like to see birds in our garden, there are times when you need a bird or Pigeon repellent to protect areas such as seed beds, allotments, gardens or orchards. 

Pigeons can be a pain in the backside and very difficult to get rid of. One method is to stop it landing in the first place. Pigeon & bird spikes are a proven way to prevent a bird from landing and are easy to fit to ledges and window sills. Typical bird problems requiring a bird repellent are: Heron, Pigeon, Starling, Rook, Crow and Seagull.

many starlings in a tree

The audible (sonic) bird repeller plays digital recordings of real predatory birds such as Owls and Falcons, thus scaring your target bird away. They have a far greater and wider area of coverage, but as these can be heard by humans, if you have houses near by, the noise the bird repellers produce might well cause a problem to local residents and neighbours, especially on a quiet Sunday afternoon. All audible bird deterrents have a volume control plus an option to disable the sound through the hours of darkness.

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