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Product information

Instant and safe protection from the Bed Bug Moat trap. It has been designed to prevent bed bugs from climbing from the floor into your bed. It has a rough faced side that allows the bed bugs to grip and climb into the moat trap, then a smooth inside wall that stops the bed bug getting out and so traps bed bed bugs before they can reach any sleeping victims. The Moat Trap is fitted in seconds by simply placeing it under your bed leg or castor.

The Bed Bug Moat Trap is an effective barrier, stopping bed bugs crawling from a carpet into a bed. It's easy to use, discrete and fitted in a few seconds for instant protection.

  • The textured exterior wall allows bedbugs to climb in from the floor area into the exterior moat
  • Polished interior well ensures bedbugs from the bed cannot climb out onto the floor area
  • Cost effective, solid and made of a durable construction
  • The Bed Bug Moat is ideal as part of an early detection programme
  • Max bed leg size is 90mm x 90mm (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches)

The price is for a set of 4

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