Bed Big Traps | Monitors

Bed Bug traps and monitors are an ideal way to check if you have a Bed Bug problem.

The Bed Bug Dome trap is a plug-in unit that generates a heat source to attract bed bugs that then get stuck in a glue trap. It can be left under a bed for weeks, or moved around from room to room. Simply plug it in and leave it to work around the clock.

The Bed Bug Moat trap is a way of creating a safe barrier between your bed and the floor or carpet. If your bed is clear of bugs, but you think the carpet might still have the odd Bed Bug crawling around, by placing a Moat Trap under each bed leg, it becomes impossible for bed bugs to climb up onto your bed. It has a glue in the moat which traps the Bugs.

The BB Alert uses chemical pads that when opened, generates heat and like the Dome Trap, catches the Bed bugs in a glue trap. The BB Alerts is a one-shot product that can only be used once.
link to blog post on bed bug control
link to blog post on bed bug control

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