Audible Bird Repeller

The Multisound audible bird repeller (not ultrasonic - this repeller makes a noise that humans can hear) provides an effective solution for removing unwanted birds. It is very effective in removing Seagulls, Pigeons, Rooks and Starlings + many more. It achieves this by playing high quality digital recordings of various bird distress calls which in turn, clear areas of unwanted bird species. The electronic deterrent is ideal for farms, airports, harbours, warehouses etc. The area covered can be up to 1 acre.

The electronic bird deterrent does not harm birds in any way. It simply plays the sounds of other birds, some being predatory, and also sounds of the same species in distress, creating fear and removing the unwanted birds from all those places in need of protection.

The playback of the bird songs follows random times reducing the chance that the birds can get used to it. Also the bird deterrent has pre-programmed mixes of different bird species.

The programs in the bird repeller were created based on field studies and the manufacturers experience. The number and usage of the sounds varies according to the list that the user can choose from, depending on their specific needs. Some programs have been created to include different types of sounds or calls within a single selection. The sudden change of sounds in a programme can have a major impact on pest birds, deterring them from the area.

The electronic bird deterrent can set to play from 10 seconds - 20 minutes in duration. The pause between play cycles can be set from 0 seconds (continuous) to 30 minutes. Made in Italy.

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