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Product information

This decoy Owl will provide a formidable deterrent or repeller for your garden. An Owl is a natural predator for many birds and this Owl decoy with a rotating head will quickly scare them away. The 15" tall figure strikes a powerful figure to keep birds away. Complete with bung in the base, that allows for the hollow Owl decoy deterrent to be filled with sand or soil to add weight for stability.


  • 15" owl decoy acts as effective deterrent against roosting birds
  • Head rotates in the wind
  • Life-like reflecting eyes and colouring for maximum impact.
  • Durable construction with integral base-stand included.

Customer comments:

I purchased an owl deterrent to watch over the cars in the park behind our flats and to keep the area pigeon free, and the results are better than hoped for. 10 spotless and gleaming cars.  - Sheelagh Poustie

The Owl with a Rotaing Head has been great success our daughter has the same problem in india and took one out there for her balcony and has worked no more pigion poo.we have installed ours in the garden and another on our garage to stop them pooing on our motorhome - Mrs Saunders, Felixstowe

'i have been plagued by pigeons,starlings,ect in my garden, as i live at the back of woodland and getting fed up with all the mess on my patio,chairs and table i purchased a owl and falcon as soon as they were in the garden the sky was full of pigeons flying about like crazyas though they had been spooked, was it the owl or falcon i dont care i'm well happy' - Steve Chapman


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