4 x Smoke Fumigator Bed Bug, Flea and Spider killer

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The Fumite smoke bomb fumigator for killing Bed Bugs, Fleas and Spiders works by releasing a smoke which kills all insects it comes into contact within an enclosed area. The bed bug smoke bomb fumigator is ideal for infestations of insects such as bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas. Also it gives effective control of flying and crawling insects in difficult to reach places, loft spaces, empty glasshouses, bedrooms etc.

Simply close the doors and windows of the room  to be cleaned and light the fogger. Leave it for 2 hours before entering the room. Open the windows to let some fresh air into your room. Give the carpet a thorough vacuum cleaning to clean up any dead insects. 

It is best to repeat the process 7 - 10 days following the first session. This is because it is very difficult to get all the bugs in one session and fumigaing a room twice doubles the chances of being sucessful in the long term.

Note: The smoke will only be effective where it can get to or circulate around. For example, if your bed goes down to the carpet,  the smoke will not get under the bed, therefore you might need to move some furniture.


  • Kills Bed Bugs, Ants etc
  • 4 x smoke bomb  (e.g. 4 small rooms = 4 x smoke bomb per room / 2 large rooms = 2 smoke bombs per room)
  • Works in 2 hours per treatment
  • Ready to use
  • No mixing or application equipment
  • No tainting or residue
  • No odour
  • For thorough treatment of houses and storage areas etc.
  • Treat inaccessible areas - roofs, nooks and crannies, inside machinery


'We've had a serious problem with bed bugs during the summer, spreading from one bedroom to three and the living room! We just wish we knew about the smoke bombs before we spent so much money on replacng beds and other furnature and using cheap sprays that didn't work. A friend of a friend told us about this method and a week after use we are still bug free' - Andy. K.


Pest Stop Fumite Mini Fumers contains 13.5% Permethrin. 

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